Episode List comes from the Season 1 DVD case

Episode 1 - Scorpio - Original Airdate 7/11/08
The Strategic Response Unit (SRU) reacts to a tense hostage situation,
but team leader Ed Lane is invesitgated afterward.  Rookie Sam Braddock
joins the unit.

Episode 2 - First In Line - Original Airdate 7/18/08
A desperate father holds a hospital at gunpoint when his daughter doesn't
get a heart transplant.  Sgt. Greg Parker allows the negotiation to get personal.

Episode 3 - Element Of Suprise - Original Airdate 7/24/08
The SRU needs to surprise a major drug dealer in order to make an arrest,
but an ex-junkie complicates their plan.  Meanwhile, Ed is warned about
Sam's past.

Episode 4 - Asking For Flowers - Original Airdate 7/31/08
A woman - fed up that her battered sister won't leave her abusive cop husband -
steals her brother-in-law's gun and threatens to shoot him

Episode 5 - Who's George - Origina Airdate 8/7/08
The team suspects that a master criminal has just botched a bank robbery.
But when his mask comes loose, the hostages realize it's jut their old
security guard.

Episode 6 - Attention Shoppers- Original Airdate 8/14/08
The SRU responds to a shooting at hte mall, where a teenage girl fired a gun.
Later they learn that she had just been attacked by a girl gang
out for revenge.

Episode 7 - He Knows His Brother - Original Airdate 8/21/08
In a wealthy neighborhood, a manhunt ensues after an expelled student
shoots his abusive father.  And Sam hears disturbing news about a war buddy.

Episode 8 - Never Kissed A Girl - Original Airdate 9/11/08
Ed is sued for wrongful death and agrees to give testimony at the courthouse.
But then an angry parolee steals a guard's gun and takes Ed hostage.

Episode 9 - Planets Aligned - Original Airdate 9/18/08
After a young girl is abducted, she's brought to her kidnapper's secured home,
where another girl who was abducted years ago helps fight off the SRU.

Episode 10 - Eagle Two - Original Airdate 1/9/09
Greg convinces the team to earn overtime by pulling security duty at a
swank hotel.  But then a VIP's wife is kidnapped and a bomb placed around her neck.

Episode 11 - Backwards Day - Original Airdate 1/16/09
While Ed runs the command post, Sam deals with a distraught wife
who's holding a woman at knifepoint.  Sam and Jules Callaghn decide to hide
their romance

Episode 12 - Haunting The Barn - Original Airdate 1/23/09
While the unit deals with a suspicious suitcase, Ed is called back to headquarters,
where his former mentor has shown up drunk, despondent, and armed.

Episode 13 - Between Heartbeats - Original Airdate 2/13/09
Just as Ed Lane is about to go on vacation, a call comes in for a sniper at City Hall.
And while Ed is the intended target, it's another office who gets shot.