Space Cadet

By: Pink-Green-White-4ever

Last Revised: July 17, 2010


Summary: New SRU team member Sam Braddock finds his mind wandering just before another go in the simulator

Rating: T

Character / Ship: Sam-centric with precursors to SJ

Disclaimer: Don’t own them, am not affiliated with them, but would definitely like to meet them!


Dedication: For Liz, who encouraged me to join yet another fandom!




I’ve never known a woman who’s more comfortable being one of the guys, while still managing to be a sexy as hell woman, than Julianna Callaghan.  Jules is such a mix of contradictions.  She tends to dress in blue jeans and girlie tops off duty, but has no problem putting on sweats or a uniform and getting down and dirty during training exercises.  She can be quiet and a bit of a loner, but has no problem opening her mouth and giving you her opinion during a debriefing.


She’s petite and looks sorta fragile, but has no problem hefting the twenty plus pounds of gear she needs when we go on a call.  You’d almost think the sniper rifle she carries was too much for her until she shows you she knows just how to use it.  At times I could swear the last couple of weeks that she relishes being the only girl, if I hadn’t had Ed explain that she grew up with four brothers, raised by her dad after her mom died.  She’s USE to being the only girl, and so, I’m sure, use to the balancing act of trying to fit in while still trying to find her way as a woman.  She is, after all, still a young woman, no matter the level of maturity she carries herself with.


I’ve seen her get grilled chicken salad with lo-cal dressing for lunch but have no problem packing away a few beers after work with us.  She has a wicked sense of humor until you question her abilities, then all hell breaks loose.  I’ve seen her calm and cool on the shooting range and I’ve seen her look like a bundle of nerves while trying to talk a subject into a peaceful resolution.  I’ve seen her take her lumps from Sarge when she made a mistake but sneak up and scare her?  You might as well prepare to die.  And I speak from experience…the first time I met her I will never forget how I tried talking to her and she pulled her gun on me in less than two seconds.


“Rookie, you’re up!” Ed teased, thumping me on the back.


Looking around, I see Lew and Spike laughing at me while Wordy’s just shaking his head and agreeing with whatever Ed just said about me.  Jules is staring at me with an odd expression on her face and Sarge is chuckling to himself.  “What?” I ask defensively, trying to figure out why everyone’s so amused by me.  Oh man, tell me I didn’t just…


“Sam, you look like you walked into space,” Spike delights in teasing me.


Jesus…I really did just space out in the middle of getting ready to head into the simulator.  Great, just great.  Been here less than two weeks and already I’m giving off the impression that I’m a space cadet.  Wonderful…


Rolling my eyes for effect, hoping the don’t see how embarrassed I am, I grab my gear and head into the simulation room.  “HEY!” Jules calls out, before the door closes.  Turning, I barely manage to catch the night vision goggles.  “You’re gonna need those, Space Cadet.”